It’s not exactly shocking to anyone that Texas is a huge state, you can spend hours and hours driving in the same direction and still be in the lone star state. Which is awesome because with it being so big it brings opportunities for so many different businesses and restaurants, which we all enjoy. But does anyone really know where the middle of Texas truly is? 

There are lots of Texans that seem to call the Killeen-Temple and the Bell County area Central Texas. Which makes sense to me as it is in a great spot whether you’re traveling to DFW, Austin or Houston. Although it’s still quite a way to the West Texas area of El Paso, Lubbock or Amarillo. It really is difficult to figure out where is the most central point in the middle of Texas. 

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Where is the Middle of Texas? 

According to an article created by KXAN, the exact center of Texas is in Bell County, it’s a small unincorporated area called Sparks. It’s located about 6 miles northeast of Hollard, Texas and 16 miles south of Temple, Texas. Most people don’t know that Sparks only has a population of about 40 people, and it’s even listed as a ghost town.  

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Where is the Middle of the United States? 

Now that we have looked at the middle of Texas. Where is the exact middle of the United States? According to the same article, the center of the country is Hartville, Missouri. I’m not expecting this information to make Sparks, Texas or Hartville, Missouri a new popular tourist destination, but it is interesting.  

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