Hey, Houston, Texas, you ready for this? Here in The Lone Star States we are used to things being bigger, but y'all, I never comprehended this. In a world where we now just throw around "a billion dollars" like it's not big deal, this is eye-opening information.

This dude breaks down the vast difference between one "million" and one "billion." Your head exploding is just an unfortunate side effect.

Most of us can correctly grasp the concept of one million dollars. But this dude, @humphreytalks on TikTok, just made me realize I hadn't even begun to actually absorb how much one billion dollars is.

Using grains of rice Humphrey gives us a visual representation of a million versus a billion dollars, and it's staggering.

He begins by putting grains of rice on a table, equating each grain to 100,000. Since one grain is $100,000, that means it takes 10 grains to make $1 million. No sweat. But here's where your mind explodes.

That means it takes 10 THOUSAND grains to equal $1 BILLION.


@humphreytalksThis took me hours don’t let it flop #billion #money #personalfinance #rice #xyzbca♬ original sound - humphreytalks

To further drive home his point that we have no clue how much a billion dollars really is, he takes away enough grains from billion dollar pile to buy a $5 million house, guys, the pile looks the same.

Still not sinking in for you? Check this out. Another way to help understand just how much bigger a billion is: One million seconds ago was 11 days ago. No big deal, right?

Guys, one billion seconds ago was 1993 (31 years ago). My head hurts too.

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