Miranda Lambert hails from Lindale, Texas, which we all know is in Cowboy country when it comes to the NFL. Even if she were to go south a bit, we would expect Lambert to be pulling for the Houston Texans. But now, strangely, the ‘Over You’ singer is actually a shareholder of Wisconsin’s Green Bay Packers. We wonder if this will get the southern gal on her feet rooting for a team from the north.

While we’re still unsure what Lambert would look like sporting a hat shaped like a wedge of cheese, we may not have to wait long to see it in person. After performing at Green Bay’s Resch Center on Wednesday, April 18, Lambert was awarded with one piece of Green Bay Packers stock.

Ken Wachter, president of the company that manages the center, told CMT that the group doesn’t give their stock away haphazardly — or often.

“We’ve only done it twice. For Jason Aldean and now Miranda,” he said. “We gave her one share, which is worth $250. But I told her that now she can come to the shareholders’ meeting in July, tour the locker rooms, watch practice and get an update from the coach.”

With that kind of access, we may just see the songstress heading out to a few games — and we’re guessing hubby Blake Shelton won’t be put off by his wife having an in with an NFL team, even if it’s not one of the Texas two or one from his home state of Oklahoma.

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