Last week the band Mockingbird Sun was my in-studio guest on Radio Texas Live. They told us about having to open for Reckless Kelly during one of the best games in baseball history and the trouble you'll likely run into when trying to sing at a bar while everyone's trying to watch one of the best games in baseball history, the guys also sang for us and we debuted their new single "That Girl Tonight".

I think people sometimes fail to appreciate what bands go through and how little they control situations they're in. Case in point, a band can't control the fact that Game 6 of the 2011 World Series between the Rangers and Cardinals is unfolding, extra inning after nail-biting extra inning while they're supposed to be on stage singing. In this first segment Mockingbird Sun share their experience in just such a situation.

Next the guys share the story behind "Sun Drop Girl" and they sing it live for us.

And finally, we debut the new single "That Girl Tonight" a song born out of Brett wanting to dance with a girl at a Jerry Jeff Walker concert, give the full story a listen and hear the song.