I just found out that Monopoly is retiring one of its tokens. What? Yep, Monopoly will be replacing one of its iconic tokens and they're letting us decide. Hasbro, the maker of Monopoly, is calling the campaign, "Save Your Token."

Now if you're a die-hard board game junkie, (for example, me) than this could be a travesty. The token is everything. So, what token will never pass go again and end up in jail? Will it be the race car, iron, the cute Scottie dog, wheelbarrow, shoe, top hat, thimble or the battleship?

What token will take its place? The choices are toy robot, helicopter, cat, guitar or diamond ring. You can see pictures of the new pieces here.

Fans can vote on which token to keep and which token to add in it's place now through Feb. 5 on Monopoly's Facebook page.

I took a poll here at work and here's where it stands: 3 voted their favorite was the race car, 3 for the wheel barrow, 2 for the Scottie dog, 1 for the top hat, 1 for the shoe, 1 for the battleship and 1 for the thimble. My favorite token is definitely the Scottie dog. My pick of the new token is the cat.

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