Game nights are always fun with the family. The games could include video games, cards, board games, made up games or whatever keeps the family entertained with some friendly competition. Some homeowners may have found a game night that was taken to the next level during a renovation, a hand drawn Monopoly board on the floor.

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Imagine you've decided to do some renovations in your home. You're in the spare bedroom and pull up the carpet. Under the carpet, you don't find some old wood flooring or concrete or even dirt, but a hand drawn, room size Monopoly board. One homeowner found just that and showed it off on Reddit.

That looks super cool. Whoever did this took some serious time to recreate this Monopoly board. Every space is exactly as it would appear on a standard Monopoly board. "Free Parking" is there, so is "Go Directly To Jail" and so is collecting $200 as you pass go.

It begs the question, was an oversized car, hat, dog or wheelbarrow piece created or would you just use the real things? Was an oversized deck of "Community Chest" and "Chance" cards made? What about the houses and hotels? My imagination is running wild right now on how to play this.

Many Reddit commenters mention their grandparents house having shuffleboard tiled on the floor in certain rooms. Another commenter added "Imagine trying to flip that board." Redditor jbruce1988 said, "As a carpet installer I'm going to think about this daily lol, maybe I'll get lucky and find another."

Whatever reason is was painted there, it's pretty cool and should be preserved somehow. Or at least one game should be played on it before new carpet is laid.

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