Have you ever wished you could go to the movies and have the entire theater all to yourself and your friends? Well, it just became a reality for AMC moviegoers.

AMC which has multiple theaters throughout the state of Michigan will now allow customers to rent out an auditorium for private parties and events. You could have an entire theater for up to 20 people for only $99. Although there are some movies (probably newer releases) that can cost between $149 - $349.

According to WZZM, anyone who wants to rent an auditorium can go to AMC's website and fill out an online form to request one. People will need to specify a movie they would want to watch, a date they want to go and select a theater they want to rent from.

I took my kid to see Unhinged at NCG in Grand Blanc over the weekend.  It was the first time we'd gone to the movies since back in February. It felt great to get out and feel kind of normal for a couple of hours.

NCG did a great job of keeping people at a distance while seated and you could tell they cleaned the theater in between movies, that place was so freaking clean. It was also very cool that they don't make you wear a mask while watching the movie, only when up walking around. I would highly suggest buying your tickets and picking your seats in advance, it made the whole process so much easier.

Check out the trailer for Unhinged:

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