This weekend I am moving. It's not a big move, just switching apartments. My dog, Buddy, is getting old (around 14 years old) and it's getting hard for him to get up and down the steps. My complex was nice enough to let me move to a downstairs apartment in the building next to where I'm at now.

I'm still not looking forward to the moving part of it, though. I have never liked moving. In my life, I have moved seven times. The reasons for the moves have been mostly good but when I get into a place, I like to stay there. I guess it's one of my weird quirks.

But even just moving 300 yards to the East, makes me roll my eyes. The packing a box. The unpacking of said box. Wondering if something got left behind. Did I throw away the right stuff? Having to ask a friend to help move my couch and bed. Does anyone really like moving?

After all this moaning and complaining, I just keep looking on the bright side, Buddy will have it much easier when he needs to potty. His arthritic back will certainly thank me.

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