There are many, but here are my top three commercials that are on TV right now

3. Direct TV starring Tony Romo

Any of the Direct TV commercials are funny to me. First with Rob Lowe then adding NFL stars like Peyton and Eli Manning, Randy Moss and Tony Romo. If only we could get some of that paper mache to repair Tony's shoulder and get him back on the field.

2. Any of the Old Spice Commercials starring Terry Crews and Isaiah Mustafa

When I first saw these, my reaction was "What?!". Just the general over the top ridiculousness makes these entertaining for me.

1. GEICO featuring Europe's "Final Countdown"

As much as I love the GEICO gecko, their other commercials are just as fun (Salt N Pepa "Push It") The mix of facial expressions and a great tune make this one for me.