The biggest event in the world of sports is just a few days away! All eyes will be on CBS as the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers battle it out to win footballs' ultimate prize, the Vince Lombardi trophy and the title of Super Bowl Champs! While we're watch the game, advertisers will be battling it out for us to stick around and watch their commercials during the time outs and scheduled breaks and to hopeful that we will remember their products Monday morning!

Advertisers are spending a record setting $5 million dollars this year for each 30 second their ad is on television. Since the late 80's and early 90's, we've been entertained by some very memorable commercials that have aired during the Super Bowl. Thanks to all these memorable commercials, some people seem to be tuning in to just watch the commercials over the game itself!

This year's batch of commercials will feature the likes of Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Liam Neeson, Christopher Walken and more pitching us different products.  Good Morning America's Chris Connelly has a sneak peek at some of the commercials that are expected to be shown during Super Bowl 50 on February 7th!