I've lived in the same apartment complex for almost 7 years now. About a year and half ago, I moved to a downstairs apartment. There has been a unused spot on my patio that I've finally made useful.

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Michael Gibson / Townsquare Media

And it looks like it's all coming together. That's my tomato plant above and my cucumber plant below.

Michael Gibson / Townsquare Media

Both plants are getting huge. Okay, so the cucumbers are probably not the best to have in an apartment garden but remember, I'm not a gardener. I didn't even believe this would work.

I am super excited about the progress and just the fact that they are alive and I could have some fresh vegetables soon. I need to get those grate thingees for both to climb on, too. I'll get that taken of soon.

Hey, look, this is a big accomplishment for a dude with no green thumb whatsoever.

Michael's Apartment Vegetable Garden