New Years Eve is in just one day. While you are get ready for the night of fun, friends, family, and resolutions; have you thought about what drink you might have to help ring in the new year? Here are a few fancy new ones to try that will make your New Years celebration even better. 

Instead of grabbing that age old favorite, Champagne, try something new to help welcome 2014.

These adult beverages are tasty and perfect for any New Years party.

1. Vodka and Red Bull


You have probably had a few vodka and Red Bulls in your life, but give this drink a twist for 2014.

Instead of using your regular vodka, get something new mixed in. Deep Eddy vodkas are made right here in the great state of Texas and they taste amazing. Add an ounce of Deep Eddy's Ruby Red Bird with a can of the Red Bull. The grapefruit tang of the Ruby Red Bird and bubbly mix of Red Bull make for a tasty twist on the old drink.

You can also try Red Bull's Red Edition with a bit of another Texas made vodka, 1876. This is a brand new kind of vodka and Red Bull with a cranberry twist sure to please your taste buds.  You can also try the Red Bull Blue Edition for a blueberry New Years surprise.

2. Bubbly Tequila Ginger Snaps



Prefer the tequila? Here is a great drink that will tingle your tongue and make you say, "YUM!" This drink mixes three great ingredients, tequila, ginger brew, and Champange.

If you have time, it is best that you make your ginger brew into ice cubes. But, don't worry if you can't. Try Maine Root Ginger Brew, it tastes the absolute best.

To make the ice cubes, simply pour some Maine Root Ginger Brew into your plastic ice cube trays and freeze over night. If you don't want to take the time to do that, just pour some into a glass with regular ice cubes. You will want equal parts tequila and ginger brew. It is best in a rocks glass with 1 ounce ginger brew and 1 ounce tequila and fill to the rim with Champange. I highly suggest you use Republic tequila.

Made by a Texan, Republic tequilas are such a treat for your drink. For this drink, I suggest the Plata. But, their Anejo would be a great fit as well.

3. Velvet Jack


For the whiskey drinker, try this twist to your favorite Jack Daniels drink.

Don't welcome in the new year with your old Jack and Coke. Try something new to say hello to 2014. The Velvet Jack is a perfect drink to have when the ball drops at 12.

Add one ounce of Chambord liqueur, one ounce Jack Daniels whiskey, and fill to the rim with sweet and sour. Give it a shake and garnish with a lemon for the whiskey drink you always wanted but never knew. Another tip for you, make your own sweet and sour mix. Add equal parts of Simply limeade and lemonade. This is a much better version of sweet and sour than that premixed stuff you get at the liquor store.


I wish you all the best New Year. Have fun, but remember to drink responsibly. Need to make sure you have a ride? Make plans for a cab now.