We all try our hardest to stick with our New Year's resolutions. We set goals to accomplish in the effort to better ourselves over the new year, but most of the time we fail a week or month in. What will you set to commit to for 2013?

There will always be something we hope to improve on every year. Getting in better shape, break bad habits and make changes to the world around us are the big favorites for resolutions. Let's face it, more often than not we set the bar too high.

Some people have conceded to just not try. Some don't wait for the new year to try and improve. The majority of us will aim for a change that will slowly fade away with every new day, let alone, a new year.

Yoga pants, nicotine patches, savings accounts, gym memberships and more nights at home reading or just trying to stay out of trouble will come and quickly go. The month of February will be the true test for these resolutions. If you can make it through to the spring months still hanging with the improvements, you might actually make the change.

So, what do you plan to try your hardest to modify in 2013?


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