I remember when I graduated high school and I was excited to get a half page ad in the yearbook from my parents. So I can relate a little bit to what Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles felt like when he woke up and saw a full page ad in the Austin Statesman congratulating him on his big Super Bowl win. Especially because that's his hometown!

Granted, his was a little bit cooler than mine because a) he won the Super Bowl and b) the ad wasn't from his parents - it was from East Texan Matthew McConaughey.

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The ad, which Managing Editor John Bridges calls a "bromance, Austin-style," reads:

From one local to another, congratulations Nick Foles. Just keep livin, Matthew McConaughey.

Well if that doesn't scream Texas, then I don't know what does.

According to WFAA in Dallas, McConaughey is no Cowboys fan, in fact he roots for the Redskins (boooo). But he always supports Texas over anything else and showed that when putting this ad in the paper. The Longview native is known for hanging around Austin and being a huge part of the Texas Longhorn community down there.

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