If you have several pine trees in your back yard or in the pasture or field behind your house, you may have noticed that they look kinda dead right now. Most likely, they are still alive. February's Winter storm is to blame for the way those pine trees look.

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According to Texas A&M Forest Service, February's Winter storm caused the pine trees of East Texas to go into a, for lack of a better term, survival mode. The pine's needles froze and the tree will drop them to grow new ones. That's why you may also be seeing an out of season pile of dead needles under those trees.

Will the trees survive? According to Regional Forest Health Coordinator with the Texas A&M Forest Service Allen Smith, through KLTV, yes. However, some my end up dying unfortunately.

So how do you know if your pine tree survived? Smith said to look at the trees over the next couple of weeks and if you see some green needles sprouting, then your tree is fine and will be nice and beautiful. If nothing has sprouted, then it's probably dead and will need to be cut down.

Your Oak trees should be fine as those were still dormant during the Winter storm. The key is to not panic if your tree looks brown or even looks dead. Give it a couple more weeks and you should see some improvement. Nature has it's own way of surviving when it's faced with unusual weather circumstances like we had around around Valentine's Day.

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