We all know the kind of craziness that happens on New Year's Eve. There are lots of drunk people and others just acting a fool before welcoming in the new year and that was on display on a video that has been capturing a ton of attention online out of Deep Ellum which is an area located within Dallas, Texas.

If we all see and know about the ridiculous behavior that some people choose to use on New Year's Eve just imagine what it is like working in law enforcement on that day. People doing whatever they want and think there are no consequences but as you will see in the video below the Dallas, TX Police Department weren't having any of that tomfoolery and ended up having to pull both a driver and a passenger both out of a vehicle.

The Officers Were Yelling for Everyone to Hear

The video was posted by Dallas Texas TV on Facebook. While I was not a witness to what took place on New Year's Eve during this incident, you can hear in the video that the officers were yelling orders and the people who were eventually arrested were not complying with orders.

Let's Look at the Video of the Arrest

As you will see in the video the vehicle was stopped but neither the driver nor the passenger complied with orders to exit the which is why they were removed from the vehicle. Let's hope that neither the suspects nor the officers were hurt during the arrest. Please remember that all suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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