What if you were auditioning for a music video and the director said your audition tape would be used in the real thing? Would you freak out? Would you maybe not have worn that shirt?

Matthew Ramsey of Old Dominion broke that news to fans at the music video shoot for the band's song "Be With Me." In part music video, part reality show fashion, "Be With Me" features dozens of women lip syncing the words to the track in what they thought was an audition. However, Ramsey — as shown in the video just before the three-minute mark — eventually tells them otherwise via laptop:

"Hey ladies, it's Matthew here from Old Dominion. Thank you on behalf of the band for showing up for auditions today to be in our music video. I guess now is as good a time as any to tell you that it's not an audition. It's actually the actual video."

The women's reactions are a mix of smiles, surprise and relief (after the all, the hard part is over) and the entire song and video is yet another feel-good jam from Old Dominion. An ode to the ladies and female empowerment, the chorus combines an overall message of positivity with a date request (in the way that only Old Dominion can pull off):

"Like your daddy told you when you were a little girl / You could be anything / Why don't you be with me... Your mama brought you up in a women's world / You could be anything / Why don't you be with me?"

"Be With Me" is a part of Old Dominion's new album, Happy Endings.

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