When I first moved to Texas in the mid-80s, it didn't take long to become a fan of all things Tex-Mex.

On The Border was one of the many joints I'd frequent in Dallas - I think their salsa's the absolute best!  One appetizer I got hooked on right away was called "Queso Fundido", a combo of melted jack cheese, chicken fajita meat, onions & peppers.  Load that gooey goodness into a warm flour tortilla, splash on the salsa, & yyyuuummmm!  That opener was my "go to" dish for more than a decade.  Then out of nowhere, it was gone!   Sorry dude - that's not on the menu anymore.  What!???

When I'd have occasion to hit a different On The Border location, I'd always check to see if my old fave was still on the menu at that particular restaurant.  No luck, so I eventually gave up.

Then a few years later the "Fundido" story came up in dinner conversation & our server overheard the discussion.  To my amazement, she said:

Oh yeah- we still make it.  It's not on the menu, but so many people kept asking for it, management decided to bring it back, but only if it's requested.

Needless to say I've been "requesting" On The Border's "Queso Fundido" ever since.  The server's revelation became my introduction to the world of "secret restaurant menus".

In a recent On The Border stop at the Tyler location, my server Taylor was more than happy to tip me off to other "secret menu" items:

  • "Camp Fire Queso" (a-k-a "Loaded Queso") - if you've ever had a particular ingredient in any version of queso, this one's got 'em all!
  • "Doublestack Quesadillas"- twice the thickness & deliciousness for us big boys!
  • "La Bandera"- a burrito with red, white, & green sauces replicating the Mexican flag.  Taco Melt"
  • "Fiesta Salad"
  • "Carne Asada Tacos"

Talking with friends about these "secret menu" items, I've discovered lots of places apparently offer similar "off-the-menu" dishes that both regular customers & those not afraid to ask about point blank are able to enjoy.


Here are just a few more examples:

  • Chili's "Cobb Salad" (chicken, bacon, hard boiled eggs, cheese, tomatoes, & lettuce)
  • Wendy's "Barnyard Sandwich" (spicy chicken with ham, bacon, & beef separated by slices of cheese)
  • Potbelly's "Fireball" (meatball sandwich w/ chili),
  • McDonald's "McGangBang" (a double cheeseburger with chicken in between the beef patties- might be politically incorrect to order by name...)

So now I'm on the hunt for secret menus at our favorite local restaurants. If you know about other restaurant's "secret menu" selections, please share with us.  Our taste buds thank you!

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