Whether you're driving in to work eating a breakfast taco or you go to your favorite joint for lunch you're bound to spend some money on these tasty little guys! A Texas dude created a map of what tacos look like across the Lone Star state! John D. Garcia put together this infographic and posted it on his Facebook page to "shed some light on the harsh realities of Texas. Extensive research was put into this" he says!

Looking at the map he created, he appears to have a good vibe on the state of the taco in Texas! East Texas though appears to be split between the '$23.95 Taco Dinner' and 'Nobody Cares' regions. I for one do care about my tacos and I'd rather not pay $24.95 for them!

No matter what region you belong to on the map of 'Tacos Of Texas' we can all agree we love tacos! Beef, chicken, shrimp, pork or breakfast tacos on a corn or flour tortilla anytime is good with me!

Celebrate National Taco Day today (October 3rd) by eating tacos!

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