If you saw the movie It and you want to keep that freaked out feeling going awhile longer, take this short road trip to Southeast Texas and you'll get more spooked.

If haunted houses are fun, then a huge haunted hotel is even better!  A three-and-a-half hour drive from Tyler gets you to one of the most haunted hotels in all of the US.

Beaumont has the 9th scariest haunted hotel in the US, according to the site Only In Your State.  And it's the #1 most haunted hotel in Texas. They're so excited about scaring the wits out of us that they've added a second floor to the hotel this time around, which will be perfect for dropping balls and chains on the ceiling, and dragging what sounds like dead bodies across the floor.

Only In Your State says The Haunted Hotel has been around since 1983 but was forced to move to a different location in 2003 because the building was in bad shape.  It was in 2015 that the haunted attraction was moved back to Downtown Beaumont in a building that shares a wall with the original.  Hurricane Harvey hit the hotel in August, but that's not going to stop them from having a 36th season that's already underway.

This year they've got that new second floor with plenty of open space to make you paranoid about who's going to jump out at your and what's coming next.  They've also got a huge asylum section in the hotel, and actors hidden in various places waiting to jump out at you.  They can't touch you, but they can get super close and whisper such scary things in your ear that it might make you pee your pants.

When you decide you're brave enough, the address for the The Haunted Hotel is 447 Orleans St, Beaumont, Texas 77701.

Some say it's so scary that they had to go home to sleep with the lights on.  Good times.  Oh, and there's a Friday the 13th this month, and this slightly demented road trip might be the perfect way to make the most of that day.

The hotel says it really is a haunted place, and the actors are just adding to the scary vibe that's already there.  And if you make it out of there, you might even end up on the hotel's Facebook page the next day just for grins.  Have fun!

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