We know what the Texas flag looks like; the red, white & blue with the big white star in the middle of the blue (not to be confused with the Chile flag). We know why we have just 1 star on the flag, but did you know that each point actually stands for something? They're not just points on the star; each one has significance.


What does every 5 point on the Texas flag mean?

Just like how each color on the Texas flag has a special meaning (white for peace, red for war & blue for friendship), so does each point on our Texas star. According to Adina de Zavala, the author for Frontier Times, he suggested that every point of the star should represent different characteristic on what makes a good Texas citizen:

  • The first point stands for fortitude; the strength & courage a person when faced against danger or adversity.
  • The 2nd point stands for loyalty. This one is pretty self-explanatory; how loyal are you to your state & the laws put in place to protect the citizens.
  • The 3rd stands for righteousness; every citizen must have a sense of being morally right or justifiable.
  • The 4th for prudence, the quality of being cautious; to govern and discipline oneself by the use of reason.
  • and the last point is broadmindedness; willing to accept opinions, beliefs, or practices that are unusual or different from one's own. The factor that we border on Mexico, let alone 4 different states, I'd say this is a pretty important of us.
Flag of Texas Background, The Lone Star State, The Friendship State
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Even though these aren't in the State laws, these ARE virtues that I believe every one in Texas SHOULD hold to our hearts. Let's continue to show the world that everyone is accepted here, no matter where in the world you're from.

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