I've been a Texas resident for officially 20 years and one beef I continue to have with everyone in this state is the "half-assed" treatment of Mardi Gras. Its time to address it and I'll explain why if you offer me "King Cake" at this time of the year, I will respond with one simple question: Where was it made?

For starters, why don't we CELEBRATE Mardi Gras officially in Texas?


What if I told you that we can take a couple of days off to have parades and just party in the streets? Sounds like a GREAT CONCEPT right? Well, that's what our neighbors in Louisiana do every year and while its steeped in cultural history and tradition, I'm trying to figure out why not take Mardi Gras NATIONWIDE, but yall like this "work" thing apparently here in Texas so there's that.

But when it comes to the "food" we have a problem.


Don't get me wrong, I don't have an issue with thing like King Cake Ice Cream from Blue Bell but one thing I've come to learn in my time living here is folks TRY to "recreate" things made in Louisiana here in Texas and it just doesn't work...AT ALL. For example, I mentioned before about having Mardi Gras Celebrations in Texas. A few cities including Austin and Galveston have "celebrations" but they are wack in my opinion as someone who grew up in the epicenter of it all. I've found that same wackness applies to "food".

If you're getting a King Cake, get it from a VERIFIED LOUISIANA person or SHOP.

Crown Royal Turns Mardi Gras Trash Into Treats and Treasure - Day 2
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It has been my experience living here that some "bakeries" and shops in Texas will try to make King Cake but about 90 percent of them fail miserably. They make some sort of "danish" or "pastry" or any other kind of cake and slap yellow, green and purple sprinkles on it and call it "King Cake". Or you have grocery stores selling mass produced and stale cakes. This ain't it. If you want a GENUINE King Cake, you may want to get one SHIPPED or drive over to our neighboring state and get one. I'm just warning you now so you don't come back and say you don't like it.

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