It just might be one of the weirdest headlines I've written in my career.

if you're a fan of Hank Hill from the beloved cartoon series 'King of the Hill', you don't need any more explanation. But if you're not a die-hard fan, then you're probably wondering what the heck is this guy writing about?

As of Friday morning, a Facebook event set for Saturday at 1 pm has over 540 people attending with over 3,000 people saying they're 'interested'. The premise of this odd meetup?

Dress up like your favorite King of the Hill character, and come 'bwaahh' on the bridge. It's one of Hank's trademark reactions - think Homer Simpson and 'woohoo!'.

The best 'bwah' will win the grand prize, which is fan art but there are other categories too, according to their event page.

  • Longest Bwaahh
  •  Best Bwaahh
  • Best "I tell you what."
  • Best "Dang it, Bobby."
  • Best "That boy ain't right."
  • Best Boomhauer Speech
  • Best Peggy "WHOOOYEAHHHHH!"

So if you and your buddies love 'King of the Hill', this might be something you'd enjoy. And if you're in Dallas midday and are close to the Continental Avenue Pedestrian Bridge, don't freak out when you hear over 500 people making really weird sounds.

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