In the great state of Texas, you’re going find people using a variety of different vocabularies although we all understand what others are saying. While we can all use different words to describe some of the very same things there are some sayings that so many of us use and it’s time to leave them in the past.  

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It’s amazing how you can pick up a catch phrase from a popular movie or show and you end up repeating that same word or phrase for months. But just like everything in life all good things must come to an end and there will be new phrases that we all overuse. In all seriousness I have a list of phrases listed below and if you’re still using one or all of them, it’s time to stop. 

Yes, I Once Used These Ridiculous Phrases Too 

The first step is to admit you have a problem, and you have a phrase that you overuse and have been using for far too long. Next you must actively work on trying to stop using whatever phrase you have been overusing. While it might seem like an easy task it’s incredible how we can overuse the same phrases over and over without even thinking about it.  

Let’s Look at the Phrases That Need to STOP 

Ugh, I hate to admit there are phrases on this list that I need to stop using immediately. The people at Lifestylogy know much better than I do about phrases that are worn out. But even I admit these phrases should not be allowed in Texas anymore in 2024. They have to go! 

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