There seems to be quite the split between people who prefer to dry their hands in bathrooms with papers towels and those who like hand dryers. But what's your stance?

Personally, I've always kind of preferred the hand dryers just because I hate the idea of wasting paper towels. But apparently a lot of people dislike the idea of dryers because of they feel that paper towels are more sanitary.

The pros I've been told for the paper towels include:

  • Not having to touch the door with your clean hand on the way out the door
  • Quicker to dry than air dryers
  • Better dry your hands than air dryers
  • More sanitary if the paper towel machine is automatic

But there are cons too:

  • They use paper, which doesn't get recycled
  • They can often make a mess in the bathroom
  • They run out frequently in busy restrooms

So here's the real question, which do you prefer?