In 2016, the City of Longview started a program for art to be displayed on the side of their sanitation trucks. For one, it makes those trucks more appealing to look at. And two, it allows the up and coming artists of Longview to have a chance to show off their work. Two new pieces of artwork by a couple of middle school students has been revealed to be displayed on two sanitation trucks in Longview.

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8th grade students, Cassidy and Jessica, who attend Judson Steam Academy Middle School, participated in a contest about litter reduction. Both students received first place and will now have their artwork displayed on the side of two Longview sanitation trucks for all to see.

Both pieces illustrate the beauty of Longview and also how to keep Longview beautiful.

Here is Cassidy's Artwork:

Keep Longview Beautiful via Facebook
Keep Longview Beautiful via Facebook

We see a clear and sunny day in Longview showing off a park with some kids playing on the equipment. Three houses control the background and a hopeful rainbow shines over the picturesque day. "Keep Longview Beautiful" is emblazoned on the top of the tree. Good work capturing a great day in Longview Cassidy.

Here is Jessica's artwork:

Keep Longview Beautiful via Facebook
Keep Longview Beautiful via Facebook

Jessica's artwork also has an outdoor theme. Instead of playtime outdoors, this shows a Longview resident doing their part to keep trash picked in their fair city. The various colors illuminating the sky add some beauty to field. The iconic Longview water tower is also shown in the background. Cassidy has portrayed a beautiful setting and message in her piece.

If in your travels around Longview you see either of these sanitation trucks, be proud to know that is artwork from a couple of talented Longview students.

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