Patrick Mahomes took the NFL by storm as a second-year player in the NFL, making it all the way to the AFC Championship game and winning NFL MVP. Since then, his star has only risen by playing in back-to-back Super Bowls, winning the Lombardi Trophy and diversifying his brand endorsement portfolio.

Now, Mahomes is moving forward full-force as a pop culture icon with his name being a track title on Migos' 4th studio album, Culture III. The 15th track on the album, which dropped last Friday, is aptly named "Mahomes."

It's already being played at the Kansas City Chiefs' practices.

Mahomes is name-dropped throughout the song, with his first mention coming from Quavo as the song starts off with the chorus, which finishes: "Huncho the chief, had to send it to Mahomes. Franchise tag, everybody want a loan (Mahomes)" Several other Chiefs and Mahomes references run through the song like Offset's bar, "Fast like a cheetah I’ma hit the gas when I leave em’ (skrrt)".

You can listen to the whole song here. Fair warning: it's NSFW.

This isn't Mahomes' first song dedicated in his honor, but it is the first mainstream commercial song named after him. No offense to the legendary JJ Slikk, who dropped the ever-popular "Patrick Mahomes" joint back when Mahomes was prowling the field at Texas Tech.

This certainly won't be the last pop-culture reference to Mahomes. Get ready for movie cameos, TV appearances and maybe even a game show host guest spot or two. Everybody will want Mahomes involved in their project.

I'll also guarantee that this song will be in the Madden video game next year with the cover rumored to be both Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady after Madden 22's social media team released a promo video with a goat and a baby goat.

If you have Patrick Mahomes fatigue now, get ready. He's going to be everywhere for the next decade.

Personally, I can't wait.

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