It's a question that someone has asked you at least once in your life. It's about your choice of furry, four-legged friends. The question is simple:

Are you a dog person, or are you a cat person?

Don't lie. You know that SOMEONE has asked you that question. Actually, I'm willing to bet that several people have asked you that before.

As for me, I'm a dog person. My very first pet, before I could even walk, was pure-bred golden retriever. I was spoiled with that dog. Ever since then, we've always had dogs. So yes, I consider myself a dog person.

But, there are some people that prefer their feline pets. They say that cats are more well-mannered. They say that cats aren't as "needy" as dogs. And that's fine, they're entitled to that opinion. Cats really do have some good qualities, like keeping mice and other rodents away from the house. Again, they're just not my preference.

But now, I want to know where you stand on this issue. Are you a dog person or a cat person? Take the poll below, and let us know which category you fall under...if any.

So? Which one are you? Do you prefer a canine, or a feline? Or, is there another animal that's better than both? If that's your stance, let us know what animal that is in the comment section below!

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