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I guess our President doesn't plan to play the lottery,  yesterday White House spokesman Jay Careny told reporters that President Obama was not tempted to participate.

That may have to due with his opinion on spending money on a lottery ticket. Check out this video from a public TV show "Chicago Today," that the ten Senator Obama explained why he felt the lottery was not a good way to spend money, especially for the poor.

I guess in some ways, he does have a point. If you use every dollar you have to try and win a lottery, then he could be worrisome.  I don't spend money on the lottery either, but I will buy a few today. It's just exhilarating and fun to think you could be the winner.

My question is while Obama might personally oppose state lotteries and their marketing style, his re-election campaign has embraced games of chance to draw in grassroots supporters.

The campaign regularly appeals for donations of $3 or more to be "automatically entered" for a chance to win dinner with Barack and Michelle. (The fine print says no purchase, payment or contribution are necessary to enter to win, however.)

And during the televised Republican primary debates, the campaign promoted a Vegas-style debate watch game that charged supporters' credit cards an incremental, predetermined amount each time the candidates said a selected phrase, like "Obama care," "9-9-9," "socialism" or "fence." Participation offered something of a gamble, although supporters could put a cap on the total they'd have to pay out.

I guess it's different when the rich participate in gambling games because it's "just for fun?"

What are your thoughts on playing the lottery? Are you gonna play today?