Every week or so, I catch myself saying "Only in Texas". I know it's cliche, but seriously, how do you react to stories such as this one? A Quinlan,Texas couple, Ronnie and Sherron Bridges, have a larger-than-life pet and his name is Wild Thing.

Wild Thing is a 2,500-pound buffalo that is allowed to roam throughout the Bridges' home. He generally starts his day by sitting at the breakfast table with the rest of the family. According to Wide Open Country, Wild Thing even has his own room where he can watch action movies - his favorite genre.

As you can see in the video from Caters Clips, the couple also takes care of a pack of wolves that have made friends with the household pet.

The family used to take care of a heard of buffalo, but when Ronnie took a hit to the eye and lost his vision, they had to sell the herd - except for Wild Thing. He's pretty docile but can get spooked by other humans and has caused some scary moments for the Bridges family.

But just like family, you put up with it because you love them.

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