RaeLynn proves the growth that she displayed with "Love Triangle" is not just a fluke with the release of her newest single, "Lonely Call."

Now 23, the former The Voice contestant has come a long way since her stint on Season 2. Her full-length debut album, Wildhorse, displays a newfound musical maturity and perspective, and that's much in evidence on "Lonely Call," which finds the narrator avoiding a late-night phone call from an ex for whom she still has feelings, knowing that giving in won't change their old patterns.

"Now I'm just a midnight number / Familiar voice / When you start to wonder if you made the wrong choice / So let it ring, let it ring all night long / 'Cause I ain't your lonely call," RaeLynn sings in the chorus.

Musically the track is an amalgam of sweet pop-country melodicism and some surprisingly traditional instruments, with a reverb-drenched banjo and simple acoustic guitars framing the gentle, moody verse before stacked guitars lift the song up into a sweeping chorus. RaeLynn's uniquely smoky vocal tone is perfectly suited to the aching, regretful subject matter that she's delivering, and the result is a track that is so universally identifiable that it could very well carry her career to new heights at country radio.

Did You Know? RaeLynn co-wrote 11 of the 12 songs on Wildhorse. She worked with Nicolle Galyon and Rob Hawkins on "Lonely Call."

Listen to RaeLynn, "Lonely Call"

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RaeLynn's "Lonely Call" Lyrics:

Just a Monday, thrift shop couch / Bowl of Cheerios, it's getting dark out / Clicking my remote to an episode of Crazy Housewives / And before you know

I see your face on my screen / That ringtone can only mean / Your friends are gone
You're all alone / And you're thinkin' 'bout me


I used to be your 6AM "Hey good morning beautiful, how you been?" / I used to be a "We just landed , miss you, you can't stand it, see you this weekend" / Now I'm just a midnight number / Familiar voice when you start to wonder if you made the wrong choice / So let it ring, let it ring all night long/ 'Cause I ain't your lonely call

It's been three weeks and two days / And twelve hours, but who's counting / Ten thousand tears, feels like a year / Looking for some peace, and I found it / 'Cause boy you said, "Let's take a break" / In the front seat of your Jeep / So if you got more to say / Leave a message at the beep
'Cause boy….

Repeat Chorus

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