It was really fun when I got the opportunity to write about the world (well, mostly just East Texans) about the horrible situation known as Picklegate a month and a half ago. Luckily, it seems like life has improved for all of us and there are plenty of pickles to go around. Although now there is a new huge dilemma that we need to get resolution to, and that has to do with the new oil that is being used to create popcorn at the Times Square Grand Slam facility in Tyler.

There is a popular social media group where people rant or rave about experiences they have at businesses in the Tyler area and people are very unhappy with the change to the popcorn oil at Times Square Grand Slam. The initial rant came from a lady named Lorraine after she bought popcorn and noticed that it didn't have the normal delicious taste that she was used to. After asking an employee about the change she was informed that they recently changed oil because the new stuff was a healthier option.

There Are Many Others That Noticed a Change and Are Not Happy About It

After Lorraine brought up the topic on social media, there were lots of other locals that agreed something changed but they didn't know what it was. While discussing the change with employees Lorraine was told they switched from corn oil to coconut oil. One thing is certain, people are not happy about the change.

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There Is Always Good News

The good news is they are still serving pickles at the snack stand. And while Lorraine was being a little funny making this post, It's clear most people support her efforts, we want the old popcorn oil back.

I reached out to Times Square Grand Slam for a response and no one took my call. Let's hope they were on the phone with their distribution company getting the unhealthy popcorn oil back in Tyler soon. Then we will have to find something new to rant about.

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