Oh my gosh. Does...does this mean...? Are things starting to return to some sense of normalcy? Well, relatively speaking? ;) Covid-19 has taken so much from East Texans this year--including the opportunity to get out and enjoy events and being with friends. As we continue to proceed cautiously, but hopefully, I can't help but be encouraged to see the return of one of our favorite events in one of our East Texas cities.

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'Hit the Bricks' returns to the red brick streets of downtown Tyler on Saturday, September 12. Although 2020 has caused some cancellations, typically, 'Hit the Bricks' happens every second Saturday and no matter the month, there's lots of fun of all kinds to had by adults and kids alike. However, each month usually offers some kind of special twist each month.

While we are still waiting on a full list of what is planned for September's 'Hit the Bricks,' We already know "Downtown Tyler serves as the home to numerous attractions, restaurants and businesses all powered by our locals. Tyler’s heart truly beats to support it’s community."

Liberty Hall is tentatively hosting "Liberty Live: Concerts from the Couch." If you love live music and have been missing it as much as we have, you may want to have Siri remind you of this one.

From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. there will also be a 903 Counts event that correlates with the census. Filling this out is so crucial for our East Texas areas to get the proper funding. But there will be activities all the way through 11 p.m.

When you get hungry be sure and grab a quick bite at one of the food trucks around the square or have a sit down lunch or dinner at one of the various downtown restaurants--there's lots of options--whatever you're in the mood for, you're likely to find it.

Enjoy free parking in the parking garage and on the square itself, of course. Remember, there's no charge on the weekends, yo. There's a range of activities to check out, restaurants to enjoy, and a live music feast for your ears.

Check out the full schedule via their Facebook page.

Hope to see you there!

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