There is something that is so comforting about getting a yummy ice-cold milkshake, especially on a hot East Texas day. Which is why I'm sure so many people were talking about milkshakes on social media the other day. It's been hot lately, and everyone wants a delicious milkshake to help cool down a bit. So, the question was asked online, where do you get the best milkshake in Tyler? There were a ton of responses and I have the list for you below of all the suggestions for the best milkshakes in Tyler.

If you think you have to be in a 50's style diner to get a good milkshake you will see on the list below that is not the case. You will find many fast food restaurants that were mentioned for having fantastic milkshakes.

There Were Some Jokesters Who Chimed In About the Best Milkshake in Tyler

As you would expect it didn't take long for someone to bring up the song "Milkshake" by Kelis. While the song itself doesn't mention any milkshake locations I thought the joke was hilarious and just showed once again that people in East Texas have a sense of humor.

Remember When Ordering a Milkshake to Tip Extra

If you have ever worked in food service you know that when someone orders a milkshake it's a pain because it's going to take a few minutes to prepare this one beverage. It doesn't seem like a huge deal but if everyone of your tables did this it would take a lot of time. So, if you're going to get a milkshake make sure you tip your server for the extra effort they're putting into your drink.

Okay, here are your suggestions for best milkshake near Tyler:

Here Is Where to Find the Best Milkshakes in Tyler

If you're looking for a fantastic milkshake in Tyler here are your best options.

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To go ahead and spoil it, Whataburger is better but In-N-Out Burger is not bad at all. I would certainly welcome one to East Texas.

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