If laughter is contagious, prepare to come down with a serious case of the giggles.

Hilary Barry, with New Zealand's 3 News, was doing an update for a story about a politician in Malaysia who relieved himself outside a woman's house. During the segment, she used the phrase "emergency defecation situation" and lost all ability to maintain her cool.

She started laughing and could. Not. Stop. You can't totally blame her, right? "Emergency defecation situation" is a terrifically amusing phrase, the best one that's been concocted since "wardrobe malfunction."

What made Barry's moment even more awkward is she kept howling even when she moved on to a story about a man who died in an airplane explosion, which is clearly no laughing matter.

As she readily admitted, though, when she finished, "Today could be the day I lose my job." And that may finally wipe the smile off her face.

Amazingly, Barry has a bit of a history laughing on camera.

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