Of all reporter fails, this might be the toughest one to live down. That's why Houston reporter John Donnelly leaned into it and shared the experience on social media himself.

Apparently Donnelly was doing a story on road rage in Houston and he came across future Hall of Famer and former Minnesota Viking running back, Adrian Peterson. Peterson, born in Palestine, Texas was probably thinking he was about to be interviewed about his upcoming free agency and what teams he might play for. Nope.

FOX via YouTube | Getty Images
FOX via YouTube | Getty Images

It took a minute and a half for the reporter to ask for the man's name. To which he responded:

"Adrian Peterson"

Then.... DING!

“Wait a minute,” Donnelly said. “You’re not …”

“Yeah,” Peterson said, smiling.

AP certainly knows how to handle the media. He did that interview like a professional - because he is one in the NFL!

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