I remember History class very well. It was my favorite subject in school because I'm always fascinated by things that happened in the past that brought us to where we are now. It also reminds you to not make the same mistake those before you made. If recent moments and current internet social decline has shown you anything, its that people have forgotten history altogether and insist on making the same mistakes over and over again.

According to KXAN, Texas State Republican Representative Glenn Rogers of Brownwood filed a resolution on Wednesday to have the Bible designated as the "official state book of Texas". Citing a lot of cherry picked historical info about Davy Crockett and governors who were "sworn" into office using one, the short resolution Rogers says the book is "truly deserving of such acknowledgement".

I would like to remind the gentleman from Brownwood if he's going to use "history" as a reason, he needs to go back a little farther than Crockett: The beginning of this nation.


If you're going to use history as a guide, then you do know that ENTIRE FOUNDING OF THIS NATION was because the GOVERNMENT was trying to enforce ONE RELIGION on everyone so what happened?? They packed up and started AMERICA, founded on the idea that you can believe in WHATEVER you want.

Also if you're going to use "history" as a guide, then you would know such "resolutions" defy the entire idea of "separation of church and state". I know its not a "law" just a resolution, but why introduce this in the first place in a state with lots of DIVERSE religions. Christians aren't the ONLY ones in Texas you know despite the majority of them "identifying" as such.

And finally if you're going to use HISTORY as your guide the gentleman from Brownwood would know that similar resolutions failed Louisiana in 2014 and Mississippi in 2015. While I know this all "political theater", we still gotta call folks out on it.

The point I'm getting to is this, no government should ever involve themselves in trying to highlight "one" religion over any other in America because it goes against EVERYTHING this nation was founded for. History has already shown us that its a bad idea.

Besides...this should be the "Official Book Of Texas":



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