There is nothing better after a long week at work then being able to spend some time with the person you enjoy the most while you're dining at a delicious restaurant. Especially when you try something new or a recommended restaurant that everyone has been raving about. Recently, I saw a question posted on a Longview social media group and it was asking about good date night restaurants around Longview. And while the responses for a fantastic date night included much more than just Longview restaurants it was great to see all the suggestions.

Obviously, what one person thinks is perfect for date night could be completely different than what you're used to having for a date night. I will admit one of the many things I love about my wife is that we can go to a nice steakhouse or sit down at a dive bar for burgers and beers on date night. It doesn't have to be fancy to be considered date night, just something both partners enjoy.

There Were Quite a Few Restaurants Suggested Outside of Longview

While the majority of restaurants recommended by locals are in Longview, you will find some of the restaurants listed below that are within 20-30 minutes. And let's be honest, for a good date night meal that isn't too far to drive.

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Let This be a Date Night Reminder for Everyone

If you're reading this it's because you enjoy a good date night. So, now would be a perfect time to make plans for you and your significant other to enjoy a date night. It's time to make it happen.

Here is the list of date night restaurants that were suggested near Longview:

Perfect Date Night Ideas Around Longview

If you're looking for a great restaurant for a date night near Longview here are some suggestions from locals:

List of Fantastic Mexican Restaurants found in Longview

Here are some of the best Mexican restaurants found in Longview:

16 Delicious Breakfast Recommendations In and Around Longview

If you find yourself in Longview looking for a fantastic breakfast location listen to the locals and visit one of these locations.

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