The Tyler Police Department are out and about on the streets today blocking off roads, cleaning up accidents, and keeping everyone updated on the status of the roads here in Tyler.

Officer Jeff Roberts has been giving updates via the Tyler Police Department Facebook Page on certain road closures, what to do (and not to do) when you see a road blocked off, and the signs to look for to determine a road dangerous or not. They are currently working on specific areas of road where traffic is having trouble on the icy roadways. Now these aren't all of the problem areas, but they are currently working on:

  • East bound lanes on Loop 323 from Copeland to Paluxy is temporally shut down
  • Paluxy and Loop 323
  • Glenwood Street near the water tower.
  • Troup Hwy and Golden Rd.
  • Beckham and Dawson.
  • 271 from Loop 323 to Hwy 155 N.

Overall, the Tyler PD is encouraging everyone to stay home and off of the roads today. Take a look at the videos below to see what they to say about these certain roads, and what they are doing to help out.

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