Robert Pattinson was on Good Morning America this morning and kept to his promise - not to talk about the cheating scandal and break-up with girlfriend and "Twilight" co-star Kristen Stewart.

Pattinson did talk about how crazy it's been since the fame he got from "Twilight." Here's what Pattinson said about fame this morning on Good Morning America:

If you get used to it I think you start going crazy. It's like being on the craziest theme park ride. It's totally exciting but, eventually, at some point you have to have a break."

It's been reported that the 26 year old has taken a break and laid low at the home of former "Water For Elephants", co-star Reese Witherspoon, since learning last month that Kristen Stewart had had an affair with her married "Snow White and the Huntsman" director, Rupert Sanders.

Robert has emerged for the first time in public to promote his new film, "Cosmopolis." Pattinson portrays Eric Packer, a 28-year-old multi-billionaire who attempts to cross Manhattan in his white stretch limousine, encountering gridlock traffic and violent protests, all in search of a haircut.

The starring role is a darker turn for the actor than what "Twilight" fans might be used to.

Pattinson told GMA this morning concerning his new role;

I've always found this connection with the idea of finding it difficult to live in the present. I always felt I was living in the future and as soon as I was reading that, that's a lot of what Eric Packer's problem is, he feels like he's living in the future. And he's not being able to totally feel. There's a lot of similarities to an actor's life. It's strange."

Of course there were tons of  screaming fans to greet Pattinson at GMA today, which Pattinson says he just doesn't understand. Well I guess that goes with the territory!

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