It hasn't always been the case, but now--hands down, autumn is my very favorite time for evening walks. Yes, the sun goes down earlier and the air is getting cooler. That's part of the reason why. I didn't always feel this way, though. In fact, it become my favorite quite by accident.

You'd think I'd have learned by now, having lived quite a few years on this planet. Summer ends, fall begins, and that means earlier sunsets. Much earlier. So, since I forget, there's always one day when I head out for my almost daily walk, at the same time, and find myself surprised at quickly it becomes dusk. Oh yeah, the days are getting shorter, Tara. SMH.

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However, the cooler temperatures and the stunning sunsets more than make up for it. In fact, there's something magical about walking as the sun begins to set. I highly recommend listening to music on occasion. Talk about changing your frame of mind completely? This can do it. (Although, do be careful on volume levels. You want to be able to hear what's around you.)

If you have a significant other, this may also be a relaxing way to catch up after dinner. Somehow, getting out of the house and away from the ever-present responsibilities can help with connection and conversation.

Truly, the skies this time of year in East Texas are gloriously beautiful. It's no longer a million degrees, but it's not yet the cold and rainy winter months to which we all are looking forward, I'm sure. (Although, I hear they're expecting a somewhat mild winter, so we'll see.) I mean, this is just one shot of many I've already taken on my twilight sojourns. I always return home feeling better with a different, better perspective.

*Remember: Please take great care with your safety, of course. Always be aware of what's around you and if you can, take a friend or your dog. Try to avoid walking when it's so dark you need a flashlight. Also, please wear white or light-colored clothing. You may even want to consider some of those reflective patches they make for you to wear on your clothes.

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