Most of us have bought or sold items online, for the most part it's easy and a good way to make a few dollars or find some items for cheap. But occasionally things can go wrong, there are people out there just trying to scam or take advantage of sales through these online platforms like Facebook Marketplace or even the old Craigslist ad's. The Whitehouse Police Department has now set up a "Safe Exchange" spot to make these transactions more safe for everyone involved.

I've seen areas like this in the past and always thought it was a good idea, especially with it being so easy for people to create a new profile online. It's a recipe for disaster and there have been numerous crimes due to these types of transactions it's great to see our local law enforcement being proactive about the situation.

So, What Exactly Is A Safe Exchange Spot?

It's a location open to anyone 24-hours a day that has video surveillance from multiple angles to make sure anyone exchanging goods or cash is safe during the transaction. Obviously, many people are using online money exchanging apps such as Venmo or Paypal, but there are still lots of people in East Texas that only use cash.

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The Safe Exchange Can Help Beyond Just Online Transactions

Other than exchanging goods or cash this safe exchange spot can be great for custody exchanges for parents. The location for the safe exchange spot is in the parking lot of the Whitehouse Police Department at 101 Bascom Road which is on the east side of the building. Don't hesitate to use this spot, it's there to make the community a more safe place to live.

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