What can't Sam Hunt do well? This week, the "Make You Miss Me" singer posted a video of himself slam-dunking a basketball in a pool.

The slow-motion 360 video shows Hunt jumping over an inflatable swan, rotating the basketball behind his back and then dunking it in one try. While it's uncertain if this took a few takes, it remains an impressive shot.

This pool day is a break for Hunt, who has been hard at work on the road and on his sophomore album. While there is no release date set, the singer has said several artists have been giving him songs to consider for the project, including Snoop Dogg (really!).

In an interview with Rolling Stone Country earlier this year, Hunt revealed that the rapper pitched him a few songs for his next project.

“He came on the bus and played me a few songs before we played the show,” the country singer says. “I was just flattered that he was interested enough to offer those opportunities and contribute. I love that, stereotypes aside, he loves music and genres don’t matter.”

Meanwhile, Snoop Dogg shared with Billboard some of the songs he played on the bus for Hunt.

“We just presented Sam Hunt with four songs that my artists [on Cadillac Music] wrote for him that will hopefully make Sam’s record,” Snoop explained. “One of them is ‘So Proud to Be an American,’ it’s like an anthem and it makes you feel good to be who you are.”

Somehow — even with everything he has going on professionally — Hunt still has time to work on his game.

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