Sara Evans, who took a break from politics at the Republican National Convention in order to put on a performance for Got Your 6, a non-profit that helps veterans and military families, admitted she was captivated by Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney and his handsome sidekick, Paul Ryan.

“He’s cute!” Evans said about Ryan in an interview with E! Online.

“I think human beings are drawn to other human beings who are beautiful or handsome,” the 41-year-old singer added. “I do think that it probably helps to sway people towards liking somebody, if they’re handsome or if they’re fit or if they dress good. It probably shouldn’t be that way but it’s almost like human nature.”

Although she has an innocent crush on the potential future Vice President, the ‘Anywhere’ singer tends to lean more toward the conservative side when making her voting choices–and that’s why she’s thinking hard about casting her ballot in favor of Gov. Romney.

“I definitely don’t think anybody should be voting for someone just because they’re cute,” she said.

Although she’s leaning towards Gov. Romney, Evans is still taking her time to learn about the issues and where both candidates stand.

“My tendency has always been to lean more conservative, for sure,” she admitted. “I don’t know that I can say I have [decided] for sure, but I’m leaning towards Romney.”

Evans has several tour stops planned through the fall months, so hopefully she’ll have time to make an educated decision before election day! We’re sure she will.

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