Are you on the hunt for something different to do this summer in Texas? Driving down this particular backroad could be the spookiest, perhaps dumbest, thing you do all summer.

The stories that have come out of this old dirt road in Northeast Texas are off-the-charts spooky. Marshall's old Stagecoach Road is located northeast of Marshall, and yeah it's got spooks, but adding to the creep factor is the tall oak trees alongside the road.

In the dark of night, at times, these trees come together overhead seeming to turn the road into a tree-lined cavern to hell.

According to Marshall News Messenger, "the historical dirt road served as the main thoroughfare for stagecoaches traveling between Shreveport and Marshall in the early to mid-1800s before the Civil War. After the war, travel on the road declined due to the expanse of the railroad." The road is a registered historical site, though its historical marker is not currently up.

"In some areas, iron-rimmed wheels and horses' hooves trampled the narrowed roadbed as much as 12 ft. below the surrounding terrain," the marker reads. "Travel over the dirt road was uncomfortable in dry weather and often impossible in rainy seasons."

"I thought the legends were likely teenage hysteria or boyfriends taking their girlfriends out there trying to scare them," Sonshine Paranormal Founder Clay Henderson shared with the Marshall News Messenger. "We went out there to debunk the legends and the stories. Instead, we found some pretty great evidence supporting them."


The stories shared of spooky encounters from this old road will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Do you remember the story that came out, about five years ago, about the Texas lady who found a child's handprint on her vehicle after riding down it?

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