If I wasn't a radio DJ, I would be an astronaut. The study of space and what lies beyond Earth has always fascinated me.

Having said that, I'm still a little skeptical of extraterrestrial life. The latest asteroid that passed by Earth has some wondering if it's a natural space rock or an alien ship that has failed an is spinning uncontrollably through space.

Here's one theory:

According to the The Sun, Dr. Jason Wright from Penn State University says the bizarre tumbling motion of the asteroid could very well be a ship whose engines have failed.

So why the theory of a broken down space ship?

It's shape for one. It's about 80 meters wide but 800 meters in length. This form would be ideal for space travel. It would provide less friction and less of a chance of colliding with other objects in space.

This asteroid is also the first to have come from outside our solar system, according to bgr.com. Which is another explanation for it's odd shape.

There is a group of researchers, Breakthrough Listen Initiative, that have used a powerful radio telescope to measure if there is some sort of signal coming from the object.

There is belief that most asteroids could not survive the tumbling action that Oumuamua is currently in. Meaning it's not a naturally made object.

NASA scientists have been fascinated as well, as explained in this video.

It's a lot to take in but read the sources and decide for yourself.

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