I don’t believe I have ever heard anyone say bad things about Torchy’s Tacos. When you are craving tacos, they are exactly what you’re looking for but it’s not just tacos. Whenever people are discussing some of the best chips and queso at a restaurant in East Texas it’s very common to hear the name Torchy’s enter that conversation, but I have to admit it was just earlier this week that I found out about the secret menu at Torchy’s Tacos. 

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Google Maps

While secret menu items are becoming far less of a secret because of social media I was still a little shocked about the secret taco menu. And now I am hungry just thinking about these tacos that are down the street in Tyler that I haven’t tried... yet. I guess this makes it an easy decision regarding what is for dinner tonight. 

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How I Stumbled Upon the Torchy’s Secret Menu 

I was scrolling through a social media group about Longview, Texas and someone actually posted the secret menu there, when I clicked on the article, and it was actually found on Torchy’s website I knew this was real. There are 5 new tacos that I need to try. Also, if you know of any other secret menu items for any restaurants make sure you let us know about them in the comment section.

Everything at Torchy’s is SO GOOD 

The queso is fantastic, the tacos are amazing, but did you know that Torchy’s also has a delicious salad too. I haven’t been disappointed with anything on their menu. Now let’s look a little deeper at these tacos that are found on the secret menu. 

5 Secret Menu Items at Torchy's Tacos

Check out the 5 tacos on the secret menu at Torchy's Tacos.

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