You can see the Venus and Jupiter conjunction in the evening sky soon. In fact you can see these planets over the next few nights.

The Venus and Jupiter conjunction technically takes place on November 24. This is when one planet passes another in the night sky. Meaning if you were to track the planets movements in the evening sky, you could see Venus pass Jupiter.

This is a pretty rare event, happening on average once per year. There are other planets that have conjunctions, however the planets Venus and Jupiter tend to happen more often because of their rotation rate around the sun.

Shortly after sunset on the 24, look in the southwest sky to see the planets Venus and Jupiter very close to each other. Venus will be the brightest, Jupiter the second. Saturn will also be visible. If you look to the upper left of Venus and Jupiter, you can see Saturn as well. The best time to look is just after sunset, as these planets will actually set below the horizon after a little while.

Another cool event comes just a few days later. On November 28, Thanksgiving evening, you can see these planets again, but this time they’ll be very close to the crescent moon. So on the 28 you can see the crescent moon, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn all in the sky at once.

Another cool thing that you can do is track these planets and their movements over the course of a few days. Head outside just after sunset a few days leading up to the conjunction and a few days after the conjunction. Snap a photo from the same spot, looking in the same direction. What you should see is a time-lapse of the planets moving in the evening sky.

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