You can see some planets in the evening sky in the coming days. Well at least one.

Venus can be seen in the west sky shortly after dusk. On February 27th and 28th, it’ll be easy to spot as it’ll be positioned very close to the waxing crescent moon.

Now Uranus will also be nearby, however it will be pretty hard to see it with just the naked eye. You’ll likely need some kind of a visual aid to see that planet, simply because it’s so far away and not so bright in our sky.

Venus however is the brightest planet in our sky. It’s the 3rd brightest object in the sky behind the sun, of course, and the moon. So the evenings of February 27th and 28th, head out at around dusk and look in the west sky. You should be able to pick out Venus pretty easily.

The second planet from the sun has actually been visible in the sky all month long. You’ve probably noticed it, but maybe thought it was a brighter star. While it may look like a star, planets in our night sky don’t twinkle like stars do. That’s because they’re not emitting light like stars do. Planets are just reflecting or refracting light.

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