The Longview Police Department made a list of things to do, and not to do, while driving in these icy road conditions. Their first piece of advice was to just not drive if possible. But they also advised to use extra caution and slow down when driving up ramps and inclines.

Facebook user Kristy Boyd was recording cars attempting to drive up an incline at the intersection of Airline and Hawkins in Longview. A small sports car made it up just fine, but the 18-wheeler that came behind him didn't fare as well. The video has been viewed over 290,000 times within the first hour posted! Please, just stay off of the roads and don't be like this guy.

A big shout out to the Longview Police Department for being out at this location all day and helping out cars who had slid off of the road. They suggest easing off of the gas or break pedals when your car starts to slide, and steer into the direction of the skid until you have regained traction.

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